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Color and Texture Engage

"Art is the distillation of the creativity and innovation that has driven humanity's success in all arenas - business, science, and technology. In crafting dynamic images of innovation, I seek to explore the important role that artistic creativity has played in all areas of human endeavor."

Carol Flaitz, Fissure III, Skylight Gallery, New York City, 2012

The work of Carol Flaitz is inspired by images of geologic forces that push and pull our natural world. Beginning by distorting nano-technology to a billion times its original size and applying an explosion of color and texture, she presents the viewer with a metaphor for the juxtaposition between man and the natural forces that surround us. Her desire is that the viewer will search and discover the pieces with the same awe that a researcher experiences every time he looks down the microscope, up through a telescope, or with the naked eye to see things never seen before.  Her ultimate desire is to take these images, composed of nothing more than chemistry and electricity, and breath life into them.


The geologic images are abstracted into two-dimensional pencil designs on wood, and then submerged beneath layers of color, texture and glazes until a compelling landscape is born.  


Originally a ceramic artist, her goal is to combine the organic feel of ceramic glazing with two-dimensional painting techniques to distort the original, utilitarian nature of the photography into something beautiful and inspiring. Carol’s artistic career began at the age of thirteen under the instruction of Katherine Nelson, a student of Hans Hoffman.  She received an Associate degree in Applied Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology, a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, NY: and then went on to receiver her Masters in Fine Art from the University of Wales in Cardiff, Great Britain. Her work has been shown at galleries across the Hudson Valley Region, in New York City, and internationally in Germany, Sweden and Malta among others. 

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